Siem Reap Pub Crawl


*also the biggest in South East Asia

Finished with the Temples, been to Pub Street and can't figure out what to do next? Look no further, every Wednesday and Friday we deliver the best nightlife experience in town.

Free drinks, free entry to four bars, amazing prizes, interactive next level games and a vest/singlet/top all for only $10!

We start at Siem Reap's biggest open roof bar (skate ramp on roof) with live music then move on to 2 local bars (bars you would miss on a normal stay in town) then bring you back into the cities major club.

If beer pong, flip cup, making friends, getting *&%$, free drinks & seeing a bit more of the city at night is your thing - then make sure you don't miss this crawl!

What's included:

4 shots(4 free drinks (minim...)
free entry to 4 bars(free entry to 4 bars...)
4 bars(entrance to 4 bars...)
an official Siem Reap Pub(an official Siem Rea...)

Average rating (from 2 reviews)

Peppa White on 22 March 2015
Free drinks, fun games at each bar, I can say that this is the best pub crawl I have ever been on. Be prepared as this does get a little wild at the end of the night. A must do if your in Southeast Asia!
James Gere on 15 March 2015
The crawl is run by a great group of people, plenty of free drinks, fun games and prizes to win. A must do whilst travelling to Siem Reap! Good times for the money!!