Las Vegas Club Crawl

What You Get


4-6 Venues in One Night

We start early! Just be prepared, itís a long night! We typically go to 2 bars and 3 nightclubs. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The night has an exciting progression throughout the evening. Pace yourself people! Some of the final venues we hit are the most popular and exciting nightclubs in the world! Get involved at the start of the night, because thatís where a lot of the magic happens. The people you meet at the start of the night are your pals (or more) through the evening. Party on, people! 

2-5 Drink Tickets and Specials

At up to $14 / drink, picking up some drinks in Las Vegas can be expensive! That's why we get you half way there. We will hook you up some a drink ticket at some venues. Some are good for highballs and beers, and some are good for a shot off. Either way, you're going to be saving over $40 in drinks alone. Not to mention that we're going to play a few rounds of flip cup, beer pong, and some other games that we'll supply the drinks for. Bottoms up! Drink tickets include: 2for1 cards, shots, or a drink of your choice. It varies from night to night, but realistically, we make it a much better deal than heading on your own. Also, some open bar options are sometimes available should you choose. 

Line Bypass

Lineups in Las Vegas can be 5 1:45 minutes. No matter what night of the week. Las Vegas Club Crawl gets you priority over the crowds. The clubs are expecting us like clockwork. So every night they know to expect the massive crowds of the club crawl. No waiting in line! Everyone has to show their identification, at every club, so heads up on that. Also, you'll save money on the 'convenience' charge which can run you $50 per person. (If you want to skip lines without us, you'll need bottle service or have to 'grease' the door person). Enjoy! 

Up To $140 in Cover Charge

How much do clubs in Vegas charge every night? It depends. It can be $10 or $60, however, Las Vegas Club Crawl (World Crawl Las Vegas) takes care of your cover charge. It's all included in your ticket. Have you ever walked into a bar, paid $40 just to get and realize you donít even like the place? You will in Vegas. This isnít an issue when you go with the crawl. Donít worry about reaching into your pockets for the expensive cover charges, well cover you! The nightclubs we hit up on a daily night will charge you $30, easily, at the door. Don't worry about it. 

Apps and Specials for the Evening

You canít party for 5 hours straight without something in your belly! We cover the food for the evening. The menu varies, but we will be serving some awesome appetizers, everything is made fresh for our group. Salivating yet? If you have any dietary concerns just talk to our guides and we'll make sure you're taken care of. We suggest you eat dinner first; we give you some food to snack on though :) We also have food specials that aren't available to anyone else. It varies from night to night and venue to venue. 

Best Party Ever

Seriously... Best... Party... Ever... People meet, fall in love, get married and have babies from this crawl. No lie. Some divorce too, but that was obviously not meant to be. We just opened their eyes. Above the drinks, above the line bypass, above the skipped cover charges and above the great food, with Las Vegas Club Crawl you will have the most amazing time, ever! Weíre dedicated to making sure youíre having the time of your life. We are good at what we do! Come join us!


What's included:

2-5(2-5 Drink Tickets an...)
4-6(4-6 Venues in One Ni...)
Line Bypass 

Average rating (from 2 reviews)

Anna Jackson on 29 March 2015
Club hopping at its finest! The club crawl was more fun than I expected it to be and it was really well organized. Definitely will do again our next visit here!
Rosielee Brown on 19 March 2015
Each bar/club we visited we were given a ticket for a drink. I had a really great time. Definitely worth your time in Vegas. I'm looking forward to doing it again!